I’ve Got You Right Where I Want You

If there is one thing a giantess loves to do it is playing with a tiny man but her idea of playing isn’t what the tiny man has in mind. This tiny man had to learn the hard way as while he attempted to escape the giantess had seen him and was now on his trail. Unfortunately for him it didn’t take her long to catch him and when she did catch up to him she picked him up using her toes instead of her hands.The tiny man tried to struggle out from between the toes of the giantess but it was no good as she has gotten a tight hold of him. The giantess sudden lifted her foot to get a good look at the tiny man she had just caught. The tiny man couldn’t see her face but he knew that she was planning something fun for her but  her fun was not so fun for the tiny man.


154868 - between_toes blonde boomgts domination giantess looking_at_victim looking_down point_of_view poser queeny shrunken_man underfoot

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I Hope This Building Holds Out

Walking all day can tire even a giantess out so when she enters a town or city she likes to find a place to sit down but the problem is that cities and towns are far too small and a giantess can’t sit anywhere without completely destroying it. After a long day of walking this giantess had come across a small town. This was perfect as she had walked along way and she needed to have a rest and a sit down but as  the buildings were smaller then the ones n the last city she visited she wasn’t sure they could take her weight. The giantess went around the town looking for that perfect place to rest and having not found anything the giantess had no choice but to try to rest on a building. To her surprise the building she chose was really sturdy and could take her weight without causing too much damage having got comfortable the giantess decided she would stick around.


158730 - buildings collage feet flip_flops giantess looking_at_viewer sitting street sunglasses town wonderslug

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Video Monday – Mouse GTS Hazuki Dragon

This video youtube shows a man waking up to find the two maids that work for him tiding up. The three people stop as they feel an earthquake and a monster shows up. Seconds later the mouth of the monster opens up and it turns out that the monster is just a giantess in a monster costume. When the army sends a few tanks to stop her the giantess just laughs as she knows that they can’t stop her. Meanwhile as the police are evacuating the city the scientist and his two maids run towards the giantess as the army starts firing at the giantess but t proves ineffective as the giantess just continues laughing. The giantess spots the tiny man as she takes her costume off. Once the giantess is comfortable she turns her attention on the tiny man. The giantess quickly picks up the tiny man and puts her between her breasts for safe keeping but because of the heat of the missiles the tiny man slips out from between the giantess breasts and he lands in her panties. No sooner as the tiny an lands in her panties he starts to wriggle around tickling the giantess as he moves around trying to get out.

You can watch this video here Mouse Gts Hazuki Dragon

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Wait Don’t Go

Being a giantess is great but the main problem in being a giantess  is that tiny men will most likely run away from her. This giantess only wanted to say hello but the tiny men she met started to run away from her. The giantess tried to grab the tiny men but she missed and they ran through a tunnel. The giantess wasn’t about to give up so easily so she climbed down from the building she was sitting on and reached into the tunnel the two tiny men were in but the two tiny men were too far in and she couldn’t reach them. As the giantess tried to grab the two tiny men she didn’t realise that the tiny man she had already befriended had slipped out of her cleavage but fortunately he didn’t even try to run away as he knew that the giantess wouldn’t hurt him. Determined to catch the two tiny men the giantess extended her arm to have a good chance of grabbing the two tiny men.

29912 - city giantess handheld poser

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The City Needs A Little Re-modeling

Not all giantesses destroy a city just for fun some will either destroy a city while looking for one particular tiny person or some will destroy a city by accident as they trying to make their way through. This giantess didn’t like the city how it was as it had too many big building blocking the people’s view of her  so she decided to do what she called remodeling but the tiny people down bellow didn’t think of it as remodeling as they knew that she wouldn’t rebuild it again. The giantess knew that her project was going to kill a lot of tiny people but it was worth it just to have the city how she liked it and nobody could stop her. The giantess wondered around the city looking for somewhere to start and when she saw two tall buildings she knew that it was a perfect place to start as they were stopping the tiny people on the other side of the city from seeing her.  The Giantess began by knocking down one of the buildings killing everyone inside.


158642 - brunette buildings collage destruction dress giantess helicopter kelly_brook sky smile wonderslug

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What Are You Doing In There?

When ever a giantess leaves a town or city there are a few things she needs to do before she moves on. One things she needs to do is to check herself for any unwanted little people that might be attached to her as they can sometimes get caught in between her breasts. When this giantess had left the last town she forgot to check for any little people. On her way to the next town she felt something moving in between her breasts. When she went to check what it was she noticed that a tiny person had somehow made her way into the giantess’s breasts. At first the giantess was angry that the tiny woman was in between her breasts. Her angry quickly subsided as she found out that she quite enjoyed having the tiny woman between her breasts so instead of making her way straight to the next town she decided she would have a rest stop and play with her new friend.


158309 - breastheld breasts drawing elf foreign_text giantess hands ochiko_terada shrunken_character sky upward_angle

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Video Thursday – Giantess In Boots

This video on youtube shows a alien ship traveling in an unknown planet. On their way down to land the occupants notice a giantess. The giantess becomes interested in the spaceship and decides to follow it just to see what is inside. When the spaceship open the giantess becomes disappointed as the ship opens to reveal two tiny men. To the tiny men’s surprise the giantess stomps on the back of the spaceship sending them flying out of their seats. The giantess begins to have a little fun with her two tiny prisoners by pinning them down with her hands and feet adding a bit of pressure as she presses her fingers and toes on the tiny men. Once she has  had her fun with them she takes the to her home so she can play with them later. When she gets home she flicks one of the men in the chest and crushes the other one under the palm of her hand being very careful not to kill him. When she has played with them she puts the tiny men in each of her boots and slowly puts her foot in each of the boots. Once she has put her boots on and the two tiny men on her feet. The giantess then goes out for a walk crushing the two tiny men with each step.

You can watch this video here Giantess In Boots

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Which One To Pick

When a giantess arrives in town the tiny people who don’t run out of town will often hide in buildings but even buildings can’t protect a tiny person forever. This giantess had only just arrived in town when she noticed a few tiny people run out of town. The giantess didn’t show any interest in the tiny people running the street instead she noticed that buildings that aligned the street. When she looked inside she got a nice surprise. When she looked through the window she noticed that each window had a tiny person inside  but she didn’t know which one to take. After looking through all the windows carefully she found one tiny man that she knew she just had to have. The tiny man knew that the window couldn’t protect him for long as she saw her look a him with a smile and once the giantess had set her sights on a tiny man she wasn’t going to stop until she got him.


158432 - beregous between_buildings building butt city collage giantess hand kidnapping small_people street thong windows


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The Green Goddess Inn 2 Comic Release

J Yubari and the team at giantess fan present The Green Goddess Inn 2. This issue focuses main on one tiny brownie and his story on how he and his gang became captured by the giantess. This comic as  main types of crush breast crush to butt crush but it does have some gentle giantesses for those people who prefer gentle giantess over the no so gentle giantess. I like this issue has the giantess has plenty of ways to punish the thieves as she tries to capture and deal with them just  because they were trying to steal from her.



At Cully Greythorn’s request, the patrons of the Green Goddess begin sharing stories of their adventures. First up is Eamon, a tiny brownie imprisoned in a cage dangling from a waitress’s necklace. He explains how he came to be a prisoner after his gang of thieves tried to rob the Goddess and had a run-in with its owner, Mistress Valentina.

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Become a member of Giantess Fan and download The Green Goddess Inn 2 today!

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Video Monday – Akane GTS

This video on youtube shows  A giantess is wondering through a city and the sound of the giantess walking causes the city to stop and soon their attention is turned to the giantess as she is the source of the tremors. The giantess was thinking as it was hard to do anything at her size without destroying things. One brave tiny tried to talk to her but as she was moving the tiny woman couldn’t keep up with her so she waited until the giantess stopped. After walking a few blocked the giantess decides to rest on top of a building which gives the tiny woman the perfect chance to talk to her. The giantess fails to notice the tiny woman but the tiny woman decides to fly up to get closer to her ear. When the tiny woman fly next to her ear the giantess thinks she is a bug and tries to swat her away. Little does the giantess know is that she is blocking the path of an oncoming train. The giantess then sees the the tiny as a doll and tries catch her when she does catch her she decides to play with her by twirling around. After a while the giantess gets tired of playing with the tiny and tosses her into a nearby tree.

You can watch this video here Akane GTS

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Quality Comics for Serious Fans

Let's face it. GTS  isn't hugely popular. It's a small niche that not many people have figured out about. During my infancy years of becoming a fan of GTS,  I was a little upset that I didn't see much outstanding artwork.  I search long and hard, and could only find some.

Luckily, now a days - Giantess has become more popular and there is a lot more media out there. I was pleasantly surprised to find Giantess Club - a paid membership service  which is the highest of quality, drawn by professionals.

However there is a new contender in town that could potentially rival the Giantess Club in terms of quality of the stories and illustrations.  That website is Giantess Fan Comics. It is nice to see collaborations between known and unknown artists in order to create wonderful works of art for the giantess enthusiast. I especially liked The Island for its use of multiple giantesses and a sexy scene with Beatrix. Check it out!

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