The Submissive Giantess

Every once in a while a giantess will get tired of dominating tiny people and therefore will try and dominate another giantess as they offer more of a challenge then tiny people. A favorite place for a giantess to dominate another is a city as there are plenty of objects a giantess could use and she would still be able to destroy the city. This group of friends wanted to destroy a city but one of the giantesses had second thoughts but agree to join them even though she had her doubts and after admits to her friends that she didn’t want to destroy the city the other giantesses decided to teach her a lesson as the next thing she knew she was on the ground. The giantess now knew how the tiny people felt as all she could do was watch as the other giantesses used a hair scrunchy to tie her arms and legs together before stuffing a tiny car into her mouth and laughing at her.

156145 - anime breast_crush building cars city destruction falling giantess giantesses sneaker socks tied

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Growing Science 2 Comic Release

J Yubari and the team at giantess fan are proud to present Growing Science 2. Like the first issue of Growing Science The story focuses on shrinking but unlike the first issue of growing science the giantess shrinks islands instead of growing her own city. The main type of crush is butt crush but it does have some vore for all of you who prefer vore over crush. This comic is about an american giantess who shrinks most of the continents of the world and eats a few but uses her butt to dominate the rest. I like the second issue of Growing Science because in this issue the tiny people she dominates actually fear her unlike the first issue in which the tiny people helped her with day to day tasks.



An all-American giantess makes her presence known to the tiny denizens in some devious ways.

Comic Tags: giantess, insertion, vore, butt crush

Become a member of Giantess Fan and download Growing Science 2 today.

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How Long Can You Last Tiny Man?

When a tiny man crawls into the girl changing room he needs to be really careful where he goes as he runs the risk of getting crushed  or captured by a giantess. This tiny man decided he wanted to see what was in the girls changing room so he went in but no sooner as he entered the room one of the girls in the changing room had spotted him. The tiny man tried to run from the pursuing giantess but he wasn’t fast enough and she quickly and easily caught him. Once she caught him she started explore his body with her hands. The little man was scared as he knew she could crush him if she wanted to but all the giantess wanted to see how much pressure the tiny man could take. To the tiny man’s surprise she got hold of his head and began yo squeeze very gently. After a few squeezes she could feel the tiny man’s skull begin to crack. Disappointed that the tiny man couldn’t take much pressure she decided to crush him between he fingers.

156085 - artwork black_hair color cruel crush drawing english hands hand_crush hand_held imminent_crush leotard long_hair mini_comic ochiko_terada red_eyes shrunken_man small_men torture

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Enormous Passion

When two giantesses come together things can get a bit unpredictable as some giantesses are different from others some will fight each other for the rights to destroy a city or torture tiny people while others will get along great with each other and try to use their sizes to help the tiny community even if sometimes things don’t always workout how they planned but very few giantesses with use each other to satisfy their needs and desires as tiny people don’t always work. These two giantesses were in the middle of destroying a city. One was on one side of the river and the other was on the other side of the river. Just then the two giantesses suddenly stopped as the caught sight of each other. To the tiny people’s surprise they made their way to the river. When they got to the river they started to kiss and before they knew it the started to make out in a heat of passion little did hey know their make out session was destroying a few building on the river bank.

156092 - boat breasts building destruction drawing giantess helicopters

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Video Monday – Giantess Journie’s Office Crush

This video on youtube shows a woman in an interview with two clients when all of a sudden she announces that she will shrink them and use them as foot slaves. When the two clients have shrunk she makes one of the tiny men worship her foot while the other one worship the inside of her shoe. Feeling that they aren’t doing a good job she sets an example by crushing one of the tiny men under her foot before lifting the other tiny man onto her desk.While she looks through her files the tiny man gets to work worshiping her foot a second time. When the giantess is done with her paperwork she examines the job the tiny man did on her feet but she isn’t happy with the result and she picks him up and carries him somewhere else. Once she finds a good enough place she puts him down on the floor and waits for him to recover. Once he is recovered she comes up to him and crushes him under her foot before going off to find a new foot slave.

You can watch this video here Giantess Journie’s Office Crush

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The World In The Palm Of Her Hands

Every giantess secretly dreams of one day holding the world in the palm of their hands but only a very few actually go through with it as they are either gentle  and only want to help the tiny people or they just love to see the looks on their victim’s faces as they watch her destroy their tiny city. This giantess wasn’t satisfied with the height she was and wanted to be bigger then everything in the world. The problem was that she was already was the biggest thing in the world so there wasn’t really anything to compare her size too. Then she remembered the biggest thing in the world was the world itself  and if she could grow to be bigger ten the world she would have ultimate power but since she didn’t know how she grew in the first place she didn’t know how to grow again. The next thing she saw was a round object that looked like the earth in her hands she didn’t know how she did it nor did she care as she was too busy enjoying the new power she had  and now all she needed to do is to think about what to do with all this power.



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The Royal Crush

If there is one thing a princess loves to do is to roam around her kingdom making sure things are all in order but there are a few towns that cause problems for her. This town has just build a tower that  towers over the other houses surrounding it. When the giantess approached it she is unhappy and demanded that they knocked it down at once. The townspeople refuse to take their tower as they had spent ages getting it how they like it. The giant princess is in shock that once of her towns would refuse to listen to her so she decided to give them a warning either their tower goes or their town does. See the tower still standing the giant princess assumes that they refused to do what she suggested so she takes of her shoe and hovers her foot over the tiny town ready to crush it until there is nothing left.


155935 - blonde city city_destruction color cruel destruction drawing dress feet foot_crush giantess gloves high_heels imminent_crush long_hair mega_giantess ochiko_terada princess shoes_crush socks socks_crush soles

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An Interrupted Break

If there is one thing a giantess hates it is people staring at her when she wants to be alone. This giantess was exploring the city she decided she wanted to have a sit and rest so she looked for a nice place to sit down but looking for a nice place was hard as no bench would take her weight and she was too big to fit into a cafe or restaurant so she decided to sit on the street as it was the only place she could sit. Most people that went past her avoided her but there was one brave man who actually came up to her to have a closer look. The giantess however, just wanted to be left alone but the tiny man just wouldn’t go away. She thought about crushing him under her foot but that would be messy and she didn’t like to get her feet dirty so she decided she would use her shoe to crush him. Before she did however she asked him nicely to go away but when he wouldn’t she decided to go ahead and crush him with her shoe.

155762 - barefoot blonde buildings city collage giantess jr legs looking_down sitting small_people street

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Video Thursday – Super Colossal Latinas

This video on youtube shows two girls starting to grow. Unfortunately their clothes don’t grow with them so they have to find clothes that will  fit them before they do anything else. Once they find some clothes to wear the two giantesses begin to rampage throughout the city. They start by stepping on a group of tiny people using their toes before looking for more tiny people to torment. Once they find what they were looking for one of the giantesses picks up a tiny man and puts him onto her tongue. The other giantess begins to laugh at the tiny man on her friend’s tongue just before he gets eaten. As their rampage continues they start looking inside windows and picking out tiny people from their homes and eating them The army is then on the scene ready to take on the two giantesses. The giantesses starts to take on the army by blowing some of them away and crushing the one that are left with their feet. Once the army is taken care of the two giantesses carry on their rampage but this time they use different parts of their body such as their hands, their butt and their breasts and once they feel like they’ve had enough they move on to another city leaving only 3 building left standing.

You can watch this video here Super Colossal Latinas

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Trapped In A Tight Space

Having a nice wash should be relaxing but when a growth spurt occurs half way through it can get a bit stressful and tiny bit  embarrassing especially if the giantess isn’t alone. A girl was in the middle of having a wash when all of a sudden she started to grow. Lucky for her there was only one other person in the room so she called him for help. The now tiny man has heard the cry for help and looked behind him and what he saw gave him a huge fright. After the giantess reassured him that she wasn’t going to hurt him he knew he had to help her out but she was blocking the only exit and the only way for them to get out is if she lifted him out but that mean’t her breaking something which was something she never thought of doing but she was willing to give it a try.



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Quality Comics for Serious Fans

Let's face it. GTS  isn't hugely popular. It's a small niche that not many people have figured out about. During my infancy years of becoming a fan of GTS,  I was a little upset that I didn't see much outstanding artwork.  I search long and hard, and could only find some.

Luckily, now a days - Giantess has become more popular and there is a lot more media out there. I was pleasantly surprised to find Giantess Club - a paid membership service  which is the highest of quality, drawn by professionals.

However there is a new contender in town that could potentially rival the Giantess Club in terms of quality of the stories and illustrations.  That website is Giantess Fan Comics. It is nice to see collaborations between known and unknown artists in order to create wonderful works of art for the giantess enthusiast. I especially liked The Island for its use of multiple giantesses and a sexy scene with Beatrix. Check it out!

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