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This Wine Is Too Much For Me!

I bet this giantess will get really drunk if she drinks the whole glass. It is just too big for her. Once she was big and she could drink a whole bottle of wine. But now she got shrunk and this is mission impossible for her. However, she doesn’t look very sad. Actually she is […]

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Down in Mexico – Chapter 2 Released on!

Title: Down In Mexico 2 Synopsis: Brandon and Todd attempt to escape from their captivity after being shrunken by two devilish women. Tags: shrunken man, shrunken woman, shrinking, kissing, gentle giantess, lesbian Author: J. Yubari Artists: Santiago See more comics like this at Giantess Fan Comics

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Oops, There’s Something On My Foot!

This giantess is so sexy, but yet quite clumsy. You may notice it at first, but when you look closer you will see a blood spot on her foot. I bet this was a tiny guy who was crushed. You are not really surprised, right? I mean, it doesn’t matter how sweet and kind she […]

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Mondays Video – The Dragon!

Here you can see a giantess in a different light! She is now a hot dragon, shooting fire from her mouth. She looks so powerful and strong. She is just amazing!

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There’s No Point In Fighting!

This little guy is a bit silly! I wonder how could he think that he can beat a giantess… There’s no way to do that! The giantess is so big and strong. Everything is against the little man. It doesn’t matter what weapons he has. The giantess will still beat him. This is just a […]

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What Should I Do With You?

This poor guy has to make a very serious decision. He must think of a way to satisfy this giantess. It will be quite hard, don’t you think? Maybe you have some ideas which may help him… Giantesses are well known for being too choosy. It’s not an easy task to make such a hottie […]

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How Did I Get Here?

Poor little guy! He is so confused about where he is. At one moment he was walking on the beach and at the next he was under a giantess’ foot. But the giantess is so glad that this happened. She was just looking for some entertainment and here it is! Now this guy will be […]

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Thursdays Video – Worship My High Heels!

Giantesses have so many fans. They drive men crazy with their size. And they realize this fact, because they do everything to impress guys. High heels are the most favorite shoes of a giantess and they choose carefully when buying them. They surely know how these shoes influence guys…

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The Mermaid Guardian – Giantess Comic

A group of sailors go on a journey to hunt down a legendary giant mermaid who is rumored to feed on the hearts of men. See more at Giantess Fan Comics.

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The Perfect Spot!

This little guy is so smart. He found the perfect spot just before his death. He must be happy to die like that. What guy hasn’t dreamed of being between a giantess’ legs?! It is totally worth dying for this. There’s no point in feeling sorry for him, because this is exactly what he wanted. […]

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