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Jolly Blue Giantess – Super Hero Comic from GiantessFan!

Power Patrol – Jolly Blue Giantess Synopsis: Megapolis is under attack from a giant monster. Luckily She Beast, a 10-storey tall Amazon, is on patrol and won’t be having any of this monster’s shenanigans. You can download this comic here.

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Cute Maidens!

These two giant maidens hate all kind of dirt. And apparently they thought these little people were dirty bugs. So by the time they figured out they were humans, they have already wiped out most of them. I don’t know if they felt sorry, but judging from the face of one of the giantesses, she […]

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Squeezed In There!

This little guy seems quite squeezed in there. He doesn’t look really happy. In fact, it seems to me that he is in a big pain. However, this may be satisfying for the giantess. It gives her that special feeling that she is controlling everything. She can play with him for as long as she […]

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Mondays Video – Come Here, Little Boat!

This giantess suddenly appeared in front of the boat. Unfortunately, the sailors weren’t able to go anywhere. I am now wondering what she will do with the boat and the little people on it…

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It Works!

Technology does wonders! No one thought that it would work, but the giantess believed it would. And apparently, it did. This guy became really small and now he is going to be the giantess’ little toy. Maybe he is not very happy with the fact, but he doesn’t have a say on that. Now he […]

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You Must Be 18+ To Get That!

This guy must be really lucky! But be aware, this is for grown-ups. This is what you get when you have been good with your giantess. The giantess seems really good at what she is doing. And judging from the guy’s face, he is pretty satisfied. Maybe it was scary at first because of the […]

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Let’s Have Some Fun!

This giantess seems fascinated by the tiny woman. I can’t deny they both are really gorgeous! And they look sooo sexy… They are about to have some fun together. Who needs men when you have such women? They are perfectly enough for each other. Now, I am quite sure that all of you are impatient […]

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