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Mondays Video – Geeks Are Lucky!

Geeks happen to be the luckiest people in the world (they definitely have some privileges). They are a giantess’ most favorite thing and she always plays with them. Some guys can only dream to be that near to a giantess without being killed, but geeks have no problems with that.

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The Cutest Couple!

Love is the most powerful thing in the world! She can overcome everything. When it exists, nothing else matters. Take for example this cute couple. The two of them are so different – in size, strenghts, everything… But they still love each other. They have found a way to care for each other and not […]

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Giant Baywatch!

Are you a fan of the Baywatch series? If yes, then this picture is just the right for you. Although this giantess seems a little more masculine than usual, she still posses some charm. She is the embodiment of strength. I have no doubt that nobody will get drowned when she is around. She is […]

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Giantess Love!

Giantesses are always so naughty. The moment they see a little man, they get crazy. They want to have him, no matter the obstacles. Apparently this man was liked by two giantesses. This caused rivalry between them and this almost cost his life. They were wrestling and fighting, because the prize was the guy. However, […]

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Thursdays Video – Giantess In Town!

This giantess definitely hates her city – all the traffic jams, all the rude people… everything! And now, when she is a grown woman (yes, she is really big) she has all the control over this city. Now she’ll have her revenge and destroy everything that she couldn’t stand!

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You Are On My Service Today!

Tiny people can be such great servants. They are so nimble that they will do anything for you at the moment you request it. However, there is one specific type of servants that shouldn’t be ignored – the ones who are lazy and disobedient. You have to treat them bad in order to fear you. […]

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Having Just A Little Fun!

As everyone else, this cute giantess is soo bored at school. The classes seem to take so much time and there’s nothing a person can do there, if he or she is not interested in the lesson. The only fun you can have there is during the break. There aren’t many opportunities for that, so […]

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Mondays Video – Emerging From Water!

This giantess suddenly appeared from nothing – she just emerged from the water. This makes her quite a mysterious creature. Then she caused  huge panic in the city. She just wanted someone to keep her company, but everyone was rather afraid of her. The little people had not seen such a thing till then, so […]

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That Was Clearly A Mistake!

Lol, these tiny people are so impudent! How do they dare to experiment on giantesses! This little guy tried to take blood from this cute giantess. He wanted to know the reason why they are soo big. He thought it was something in their blood… But actually it is just destiny. Anyway, the giantess got […]

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You Can’t Save Yourself!

Unfortunately, this poor man didn’t manage to run away from the giantess. She caught him and put him in her mouth. He was desperate. She had to do something in order to save his life. He tried to stop the closing jaw but he didn’t have enough strength. Eventually, the giantess closed her mouth and […]

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