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It Works!

Technology does wonders! No one thought that it would work, but the giantess believed it would. And apparently, it did. This guy became really small and now he is going to be the giantess’ little toy. Maybe he is not very happy with the fact, but he doesn’t have a say on that. Now he […]

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Let’s Have Some Fun!

This giantess seems fascinated by the tiny woman. I can’t deny they both are really gorgeous! And they look sooo sexy… They are about to have some fun together. Who needs men when you have such women? They are perfectly enough for each other. Now, I am quite sure that all of you are impatient […]

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I Love These Heels!

I am just in love with these heels. They show some kind of strenght, but they are really sexy too. They a mandatory item every powerful woman should have. And this giantess apparently has a great taste as well. Some people may think they are not really comfortable, but what is really important is the […]

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Remove This Towel!

Giantesses are somehow obsessed with little guys. I don’t know why do they fancy these men so much. But it is a fact! This giantess obviously can’t get enough of this guy. She can’t wait seeing him completely naked. This towel only distracts her and there is no point of it being there. So if […]

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Mondays Video – So Angry!

This giantess is definitely on the rampage. She has no mercy for this city and its citizens are trying in vain to fight her. It is just pointless because she is fearless and so strong! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfR3VcU9UUw

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I Don’t Want To Be Next!

This giantess surely doesn’t know what diet is. She has never been careful of what she is eating because she has always had the perfect body. However, she sometimes gets carried away. She doesn’t know when to stop eating and in fact she can eat a living human by mistake too. This is the situation […]

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Don’t Mess Up With Me!

This giantess is just kicking asses! She is so good at karate that it’s best if no one messes up with her. She is really strong and flexible. She can do whatever she wants without expecting her to do so. This plane never thought that a giantess will kick it while being in the air. […]

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Thursdays Video – Attack of the Goddess!

It looks like this giantess is having a lot of fun. The little citizens are suffering, but this is not important. She has so many ways of destroying them, so they have no other option but to wait and see what will happen to them. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PMlgyuK4n0

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Don’t Leave!

This giantess’ ex-boyfriend is on this plane and he is leaving. But she just can’t make peace with this. She doesn’t want to let him go because she loves him so much. She tried to stop him but it was too late. He was already on the plane. So she had no choice but to […]

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Mondays Video – So Sexy!

I was so impressed when seeing this video. It starts quite normally, just the regular games. However, the end was just great. The details of this boob crush were just amazing. I wonder what did this guy do to be treated like that… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iRIG-mUm2M&feature=relmfu

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