Video Thursday – Giantess In Boots

This video on youtube shows a alien ship traveling in an unknown planet. On their way down to land the occupants notice a giantess. The giantess becomes interested in the spaceship and decides to follow it just to see what is inside. When the spaceship open the giantess becomes disappointed as the ship opens to reveal two tiny men. To the tiny men’s surprise the giantess stomps on the back of the spaceship sending them flying out of their seats. The giantess begins to have a little fun with her two tiny prisoners by pinning them down with her hands and feet adding a bit of pressure as she presses her fingers and toes on the tiny men. Once she has  had her fun with them she takes the to her home so she can play with them later. When she gets home she flicks one of the men in the chest and crushes the other one under the palm of her hand being very careful not to kill him. When she has played with them she puts the tiny men in each of her boots and slowly puts her foot in each of the boots. Once she has put her boots on and the two tiny men on her feet. The giantess then goes out for a walk crushing the two tiny men with each step.

You can watch this video here Giantess In Boots

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