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Video Thursday – Giantess I Know Whats Eating You.

This video on youtube shows a giantess taking a walk when she come across a tiny man who looks sad. The giantess decides to see if she can help him out. The man is a bit weary of the giantess but the giantess gives him no choice as she then picks him up like she […]

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I Don’t Want To Be Next!

This giantess surely doesn’t know what diet is. She has never been careful of what she is eating because she has always had the perfect body. However, she sometimes gets carried away. She doesn’t know when to stop eating and in fact she can eat a living human by mistake too. This is the situation […]

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Thursdays Video – Attack of the Goddess!

It looks like this giantess is having a lot of fun. The little citizens are suffering, but this is not important. She has so many ways of destroying them, so they have no other option but to wait and see what will happen to them. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PMlgyuK4n0

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I Don’t Care!

Brothers and sisters often fight with each other, but they rarely kill each other. However, this is not the case with these two. The sister is obviously soo much bigger than her brother. He annoyed her and now he is going to pay for that. She will eat him and this will be the end. […]

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You Can’t Guess What’s In There!

This is such a funny picture. The woman with the dark hair doesn’t have the slightest idea what’s in the stomach of her friend. She thinks it’s a baby but she is so wrong. In fact, her friend loves eating tiny people. The two friends met just after the giantess’ lunch so this is why […]

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Thursdays Video – Miss Sexy Lips!

I have so many different thoughts on this video. It looks really scary to be swallowed but I can’t deny it that she is so seductive. Her lips are so gorgeous that everyone would want to go near them. However, this may cost them their lives. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7b2AM3gPUyI

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It’s Time For Breakfast!

I believe you all know what’s the feeling of being hungry early in the morning. Sometimes you may even think you can fit the whole world in your mouth. And in fact, for this giantess it’s completely true. She eats so quickly that sometimes you may not even manage to see the guy sinking in […]

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Mmm, That’s Some Great Sushi!

These giantesses are having a great meal! Many people love sushi, but only few have the opportunity to taste such an unusual one. This sushi is special because of the fact that it is made of living people. They are hard to find but they are worth searching for. Poor people, their destiny is inevitable! […]

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I Can Fit You In There!

This plane is being held hostage! The passengers on this flight can’t escape. They are doomed to be destroyed. If some of you don’t believe that the giantess can fit a whole plane in her mouth – believe me, she can. Don’t underestimate how hungry she is. She can do the almost impossible until she […]

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Mondays Video – There’s A New Giantess In Town!

This giantess thought that she could destroy the tiny woman. However, she underestimated her strength. In this story, size definitely didn’t matter. In the end, the tiny woman ate the giantess and this led to the arrival of the new giantess. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUpVTngVPOA

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