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Thursdays Video – Love Is A Powerful Weapon!

This sexy giantess is really angry. And the little people just make it worse. Yes, she is destroying their city. But shooting at her is not the solution to make her peaceful again. This only made her even more disastrous. But when she saw that little footballer she immediately fell in love. This was the […]

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You Can’t Beat It!

Heels are what makes a woman strong. They are her secret weapon. And what’s more, they make a woman so irresistible. This tiny guy tried to look under the giantess’ skirt. How stupid he was! How could he think that she would let him do that. Once she noticed his intention she stepped on him […]

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I Need To Be Satisfied!

This giantess is so desperate. She hasn’t been with a man for so long. Now she gave up waiting. She couldn’t stand it anymore. She needed to be pleased. She didn’t care how, she only knew it had to be done immediately. So she took a stone and started pleasing herself. This caught the people’s […]

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Mondays Video – Enjoy The Crushing!

Giantesses often crush with such cruelty. But this one is different. She does it so kindly. She feels pleasure from doing this. The good thing is that the little guy doesn’t feel scared. Yes, he’s in pain, but hopes that what follows will be better for him.

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I’m A Little Bit Curious!

This giantess is really curious. Or maybe she wants to join. It’s obvious that the man knows what he’s doing. But the question is whether he’ll be able to satisfy the giantess. Probably not. He’s too small… But this doesn’t mean that she can’t watch. Sometimes it is enough pleasing just to watch. Your imagination […]

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I Love That Game!

I bet you know what’s the feeling of being bored in the office. I know that I do. And I feel it quite often. Believe me, I’ve tried everything. Playing computer games, browsing the net, but it’s not really effective. This giantess apparently found a better way – throwing little people in the trash. It […]

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You’ll Spoil Me!

Giantesses are often described as cruel and strong creatures. But believe it or not, they can be really kind once you find your way to her heart. This little guy can give you a little tip. Giantesses really love foot massages. It’s so relaxing and pleasing. If you do your work right, you’ll never have […]

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Thursdays Video – A Giantess Goes To School, Too!

I used to think that giantesses are too cool to go to school. I mean, it’s such a boring place. But apparently these goddesses are keen on learning new things so they never miss a day at school. They are so eager that they often step on little people while they are hurrying. But the […]

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It’s Like A War!

There has always been some kind of tension between small people and giantesses. Maybe it’s because of the threat the tiny humans feel… There was a giantess attack. The little people had to make a plan how to escape. Of course, this couldn’t happen without any victims. It’s good that there are people who would […]

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That’s Because You Are So Insolent!

Giantesses don’t like these kind of people. They like to have some private space and no one should dare to disturb them. But obviously these tiny people didn’t take this advice and did exactly what they shouldn’t. This made the giantess so angry that she had to punish them. And she hadn’t had any breakfast, […]

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