Video Monday – Mouse GTS Hazuki Dragon

This video youtube shows a man waking up to find the two maids that work for him tiding up. The three people stop as they feel an earthquake and a monster shows up. Seconds later the mouth of the monster opens up and it turns out that the monster is just a giantess in a monster costume. When the army sends a few tanks to stop her the giantess just laughs as she knows that they can’t stop her. Meanwhile as the police are evacuating the city the scientist and his two maids run towards the giantess as the army starts firing at the giantess but t proves ineffective as the giantess just continues laughing. The giantess spots the tiny man as she takes her costume off. Once the giantess is comfortable she turns her attention on the tiny man. The giantess quickly picks up the tiny man and puts her between her breasts for safe keeping but because of the heat of the missiles the tiny man slips out from between the giantess breasts and he lands in her panties. No sooner as the tiny an lands in her panties he starts to wriggle around tickling the giantess as he moves around trying to get out.

You can watch this video here Mouse Gts Hazuki Dragon

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