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Trick or Eat

On the night of Halloween the people of the city was out trick or treating each in their own costume and getting candy fro different houses. The night was still young when 2 vampires arrived but these where no ordinary vampires oh no these where giant vampires who needed the life force of humans to […]

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Confronting A Giantess

After rampaging the city, the giantess had successfully cleared everyone out and destroyed her fair share of building along the way. One brave tiny man decided enough was enough and tried to stand up to the rampaging giantess. The tiny man must have had a death wish as moments later a giant hand came out […]

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Giantess Rampage

Life was once peaceful in the local village as the inhabitants went about their daily duties but that peace was about to be disrupted by something big.  A lone traveler came one day and started shrinking everything and everyone she could find as had the power to shrink people just by looking at them. The […]

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Power Patrol: Chemical Retraction Comic Release

J Yubari and the team at Giantess Fan have released a new comic. Power Patrol: Chemical Retraction is a comic that insted of focusing on Giantess theme or shrunken man theme focuses on the shrunken woman theme. If you enjoyed the first issue of Power Patrol or just enjoy comics about shrunken women i’m sure […]

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The Newest Seaside Attraction or A Big Problem

All the giantess wanted to do is to have a nice relaxing day at the beach but now a bunch of tinnies have gather around her. The tiny people where having fun riding on her feet like a surf board, getting a good vantage point from her butt, riding on her shoulder and even sunbathing […]

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Giving Her A Foot Hold

After their fateful encounter the giantess and tiny decided to have a little fun. The tiny was surprised when the giantess lowered her foot down towards her. The tiny thought she was gonna be crushed but to her surprise she found herself being wrapped by the toes of the giantess. The Giantess lifted the tiny […]

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Blast From The Past

It was a normal in the city as people were  going about their day to day lives but then something strange happened. A scientist was working on a portal to view that past and it was now ready for testing. The portal worked great and the scientist was pleased with the result but there was […]

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A Fun Day At The Beach

While having a fun time at the beach a girl stumbles across a tiny who apparently is in desperate need of help. The giantess is so excited that she can’t resist picking him up and showing him off to other people at the beach. The tiny however thinks that she is misunderstanding him and that […]

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At Close Inspection

A Giantess is minding her own business when she spots what looks like a bug but this bug doesn’t look like any bug she has seen before so she picks up the tiny creature and decides to take a close look. On closer inspection she finds out it is a tiny woman. The tiny woman […]

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Hush Little One

Having Just picked up a tiny man, this giantess just had to find a way to stop him from screaming. She tries telling him to be quiet and it worked but after a short while he started screaming again so she had to find a new way to silence him as simply telling him to […]

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