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I Can Fit You In There!

This plane is being held hostage! The passengers on this flight can’t escape. They are doomed to be destroyed. If some of you don’t believe that the giantess can fit a whole plane in her mouth – believe me, she can. Don’t underestimate how hungry she is. She can do the almost impossible until she […]

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Mondays Video – There’s A New Giantess In Town!

This giantess thought that she could destroy the tiny woman. However, she underestimated her strength. In this story, size definitely didn’t matter. In the end, the tiny woman ate the giantess and this led to the arrival of the new giantess.

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Getting Fit!

This giantess has found some great exercises which help her lose weight and keep her perfect body. However, it requires some help from others, especially tiny people. I don’t know if the little man likes it but he doesn’t have a say. It happens exactly what the giantess says. Yes, he may be crushed but […]

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Taking A Shortcut!

I bet you know what I am talking about when I say ‘I hate traffic jams!’ This is the worst thing that could ever happen when you are in a hurry on your way to work. However, giantess Emma has found a way not to waste any time. Her size is definitely helping her. Just […]

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The Danger Is Coming!

It was just an ordinary day at the office and suddenly something happend. It disturbed the peace there. A giantess was looking through the window, ready to go in. Once the little people noticed her, they started screaming and running. They knew what was about to happen in a few seconds. It was inevitable. She […]

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Thursdays Video – The Best Pizza Party Ever!

These girls made a giant mistake. How could they not invite the giantess to their party? This upset her so much. Now she will revenge them for their actions. They will be sorry…

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She Definitely Feels Safe!

Don’t you think she looks rather safe? It’s quite unusual considering she is sitting in a giantess’ hand. She’s not trying to scream or run away. Maybe the giantess has decided that she will keep the little girl as a pet. She is bored being alone all the time, so why not have a friend […]

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You Won’t Love Me Forever!

This little guy surely loves the foot massage. But I wonder how long will this last… Judging from the look of her face, I’m sure she is up to something. Can you guess what? She will fool the little guy into loving her and in the end crush him when he least expects it. I […]

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Mondays Video – I Love Eating!

She will destroy everything surrounding her until shte gets what she really wants. This won’t be really hard for her. This little tank has no chance of surviving. In the end it will be destroyed like everything else.

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What Should I Do With You?

This little guy is trying to save his life, but it won’t be easy at all. The giantess is merciless and I doubt if there’s a thing that can convince her to be kind. This guy will worship her size and beauty, but we’ll see what will be the result. She may be generous enough […]

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