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Even Giant Kids Like To Play!

Sometimes it’s hard to believe, but giant kids don’t differ from the tiny children. They are also vulnerable and they also like to play with toys. The one thing which is different is that giant kids prefer live toys. They are much more entertaining. They move, they talk, they scream. What a fun it is […]

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Boy, It’s So High Here!

Again the story where a giantess and a tiny person become friends. I used to think that this was unlikely to happen, but now it’s becoming more and more common. The giantess could show him things he would never be able to see. It’s interesting to look at your town from such a height. This […]

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Mondays Video – The Statue Of Liberty Is Alive!

What a disaster! The Statue of Liberty suddenly came back to life. She starting moving and destroy everything which was in front of her. Poor people, they were in such panic. What would they do?

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My Cute Tiny Pet

This giantess found accidentally a tiny guy, all alone in the street. She couldn’t bare seeing him so lonely. She knew what was the feeling, as she was feeling in the same way. She also needed some company. Someone who would understand her, someone who would not be afraid of her. And this guy was […]

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It’s Nice To Have A Walk!

Though it was fall, the weather was nice. Our sexy giantess couldn’t stand being at home anymore. She needed to do something exciting, something new. She wanted to visit an unfamiliar place. And Pittsburg was the right one for her. It had so many tiny building she could crush. And the tiny people were so […]

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Hey, Don’t Push Me!

Those tiny pilots are so inattentive. I can’t understand how this sexy and naked giantess got unnoticed. They hit her so hard in the butt that she started falling. Too bad for the tiny city beneath her!

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Thursdays Video – We Should Sacrifice Ourselves!

Our goddess is everything for us. We should sacrifice for her in order she to be happy and satisfied. It doesn’t matter that we’ll die. In the end, we’ll go to the heaven for our self-sacrifice!

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Hey, You Look So Delicious!

This nice college girl met a really handsome guy. He was a bit afraid of her and this was no in vain. All she could think of is how tasty the little man was. In the end, she couldn’t resist and swallowed him with such pleasure.

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Crisis Opens Up!

Looks like someone is very hungry. Our giantess saw a bunch of tiny people and her mouth filled with saliva. She couldn’t resist the temptation. Lots of people would die but what she can do about it? They are so mouthwatering!

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Mondays Video – My Saver Is Here!

This tiny man got in trouble because he stole a car. Now he would finally go to jail but fortunately, his saver came to him. She took pity on him and decided she would take him with her. How kind she was!

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