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Does My Bum Look Big In This?

When a giantess makes an appearance she likes too look her best but when she is the size of a skyscraper finding the right outfit can be really hard  and she would either have to settle with the clothes she grew in or if she had shredded her clothes too much she have to find […]

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The Cosplay Giantess

When going to a fancy dress party a giantess likes to make sure she goes as the right thing  but she has to be aware that someone may come dressed as the same thing as her. This giantess was so eager to go that she forgot to read the whole invitation properly. When she made […]

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The Submissive Giantess

Every once in a while a giantess will get tired of dominating tiny people and therefore will try and dominate another giantess as they offer more of a challenge then tiny people. A favorite place for a giantess to dominate another is a city as there are plenty of objects a giantess could use and […]

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Growing Science 2 Comic Release

J Yubari and the team at giantess fan are proud to present Growing Science 2. Like the first issue of Growing Science The story focuses on shrinking but unlike the first issue of growing science the giantess shrinks islands instead of growing her own city. The main type of crush is butt crush but it […]

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How Long Can You Last Tiny Man?

When a tiny man crawls into the girl changing room he needs to be really careful where he goes as he runs the risk of getting crushed  or captured by a giantess. This tiny man decided he wanted to see what was in the girls changing room so he went in but no sooner as […]

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Enormous Passion

When two giantesses come together things can get a bit unpredictable as some giantesses are different from others some will fight each other for the rights to destroy a city or torture tiny people while others will get along great with each other and try to use their sizes to help the tiny community even […]

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Video Monday – Giantess Journie’s Office Crush

This video on youtube shows a woman in an interview with two clients when all of a sudden she announces that she will shrink them and use them as foot slaves. When the two clients have shrunk she makes one of the tiny men worship her foot while the other one worship the inside of […]

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The World In The Palm Of Her Hands

Every giantess secretly dreams of one day holding the world in the palm of their hands but only a very few actually go through with it as they are either gentle  and only want to help the tiny people or they just love to see the looks on their victim’s faces as they watch her […]

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The Royal Crush

If there is one thing a princess loves to do is to roam around her kingdom making sure things are all in order but there are a few towns that cause problems for her. This town has just build a tower that  towers over the other houses surrounding it. When the giantess approached it she […]

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An Interrupted Break

If there is one thing a giantess hates it is people staring at her when she wants to be alone. This giantess was exploring the city she decided she wanted to have a sit and rest so she looked for a nice place to sit down but looking for a nice place was hard as […]

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