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It Works!

Technology does wonders! No one thought that it would work, but the giantess believed it would. And apparently, it did. This guy became really small and now he is going to be the giantess’ little toy. Maybe he is not very happy with the fact, but he doesn’t have a say on that. Now he […]

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It Worked!

This giantess is actually very surprised that her experiment worked. He was hoping to find a way to shrink her man and she finally succeeded. Now her guy looks a bit confused but so what. The most important thing is that the giantess is satisfied. This proves the statement that giantesses are not only strong, […]

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Thursdays Video – What An Evil Plan!

That’s horrible! The evil doctor has something bad in mind… You should definitelly see this cartoon! It’s one of the most interesting series I’ve ever watched! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6BjOp36Jzcw

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This Wine Is Too Much For Me!

I bet this giantess will get really drunk if she drinks the whole glass. It is just too big for her. Once she was big and she could drink a whole bottle of wine. But now she got shrunk and this is mission impossible for her. However, she doesn’t look very sad. Actually she is […]

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Mondays Video – Our Love Is Strong Enough!

His mother-in-law definitely didn’t like him. She was ready to do whatever it takes to stop this wedding from happening. But apparently she didn’t succeed. Although he was so small, the bride and groom were able to find each other. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsSIddJnu8c

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How Did This Happen?!

This is so unbelievable. The giantess is totally shocked about her experience. She used to be soo big. Everything else looked so small to her. And one sunny morning, while she was having a walk in the forest, something really changed. Now she was as big as the grass around her. She lost all her […]

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I’m Scared!

Giantesses feel so strong because they are huge. But this one knows the other side of the story. She suddenly became soo small… No one can tell why is that. Maybe it’s some kind of disease. Whatever it is, now she’s even smaller than the gummy bears. Now she knows the feeling of being scared. […]

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Thursdays Video – It’s Awful To Be Small!

Once you get small, everyone thinks you are insignificant. No one notices you, and if he does, he thinks you are some kind of a talking bug. This is really insulting. And what’s more, you can’t live a decent life – everyone is too high for you. You can’t even open your door. I’m sure […]

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What Happened?!

This is what I call an embarrassing experience! These two giantesses went shopping in the nearest mall. Everyone there knew them so they were surrounded by familiar faces.   And just out of a sudden they shrank. Their old clothes didn’t fit them anymore and everyone could see all their intimate parts. What a shame! […]

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Oh, No! I Don’t Want To Be Little!

This giantess has just shrunk too much for no obvious reason. She used to be sooo tall, and now she’s rather small. She’s even smaller than the ordinary people. I can imagine what embarrassment she’s experiencing. It’s awful to be someone you don’t want to. I hope that this is just a temporary situation and […]

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