Which One To Pick

When a giantess arrives in town the tiny people who don’t run out of town will often hide in buildings but even buildings can’t protect a tiny person forever. This giantess had only just arrived in town when she noticed a few tiny people run out of town. The giantess didn’t show any interest in the tiny people running the street instead she noticed that buildings that aligned the street. When she looked inside she got a nice surprise. When she looked through the window she noticed that each window had a tiny person inside  but she didn’t know which one to take. After looking through all the windows carefully she found one tiny man that she knew she just had to have. The tiny man knew that the window couldn’t protect him for long as she saw her look a him with a smile and once the giantess had set her sights on a tiny man she wasn’t going to stop until she got him.


158432 - beregous between_buildings building butt city collage giantess hand kidnapping small_people street thong windows


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