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Thursdays Video – Hey, Please Don’t Step On Me!

This giantess is smocking hot. I would like one like her to step on me. It is definitely worth!

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What A Disaster!

This giantess have just escaped from prison. She is so hungry that she would eat anything she sees. Unfortunately for these little girls, their house was the first thing the giantess saw. She decided that she’ll have anything in that house, and luckily for her, there was enough food for a couple of days. Poor […]

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The Ravaging Giantess

This sexy giantess seems to have gotten drunk last night. It wasn’t a good idea to go home all alone. She was lurching along the street and that’s why lots of buildings got damaged. Poor people who lived there… After the authorities were reported of this drunk giantess, they sent the army to get her. […]

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Mondays Video – The Giantess Power

See how strong these giantess are. They are like goddesses to us. It depends on us whether we’ll live or not.

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Caught By An Amazon Giantess

God, what a body. This sexy giantess was walking in the forest looking for some food and maybe some entertainment. She had been alone for so long that she desperately needed some company. She was about to give up and return to her shelter lonely and hungry when she saw a cute tiny man on […]

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Are you having fun?

The beautiful amazon finally found herself a new toy. She was so bored in the jungle, not having anyone to talk to or just to play with. One day a handsome tiny man got lost in the jungle. He was walking and walking, but he couldn’t find the right path to go back. He was […]

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Japanese Princess Having The Best Meal Ever

This fabulous Japanese princess just got a present from her parents. She couldn’t wait to open it. She rapidly unwrapped it and opened the box. And what to see… a whole box of tiny people. This was the best present ever! Now she was going to have a delicious meal. The little humans were such […]

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Thursdays Video – You Can’t Do Anything To Me!

Beautiful and sexy Asian giantess gets wild in a small town. The tiny people are helpless. They even arranged the military to stop her, but this didn’t work too. She is immortal!

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Warehouse Confinement

This giantess was taken to a large warehouse for some experiments. Evil tiny people wanted her to try a new medicine on her. It’s strange how they caught her, isn’t it? An army of about 100 tiny people was hired to do that. They used ropes in order to tie her and drag her to […]

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Oops, She Fell Down!

Our giantess wanted to get fit for her prom. She had to be able to put on the sexy dress she bought. She decided that the best way to lose some weight is to engage in sports. She chose to run. One morning, while she was running as usual she tripped in a small car […]

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