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Thursdays Video – I Wanna Kiss You So Badly!

Love doesn’t care about the differences. This guy and his girlfriend are soo different (especially in size), but they are still together. They do everything they can in order to be close to each other. How unfortunate is it that once they managed to do it, the girl sneezed and the boy was the destroyed. […]

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Is It A Mole!

‘Oh, no! What’s that on my butt!’, she thought. The giantess was so scared that it was a mole. She had read on the internet how dangerous moles were. But when she looked closer, she saw it was not a mole, but a tiny man crushed by her.   She had sat somewhere and hadn’t […]

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Let Me Examine You!

I’ve always hated going to doctors! They were so scary. I didn’t like a strange touching me.   But this little guy doesn’t seem to be afraid or unwilling to go to a doctor. I wouldn’t be either, if I had such a sexy doctor. This giantess can make anyone feel comfortable.   Her beauty […]

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Mondays Video – You Are So Seductive!

Giantesses can be so devastating but when they fall in love they suddenly become like pets. They do whatever you say them to. So if we want to save the world, we’ll have to be armed with really charming men. They are our secret weapon!

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What’s Down There!

This giantess was walking around in the dessert. She had never even imagined that she’ll found something there but she did. She inclined in order to look closer. And there it was – a small city. She had never seen such a thing. ‘I wonder what it is doing here’, she thought. Well, she’ll have […]

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I Can Use A Little Help!

Don’t be fooled to think that little men are not smart. They may be small, but their brains are not.   This giantess looks like she needs some help. She has spent the whole day typing and she’s really tired. This is where the little guy comes in handy. He can dictate her the text […]

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Great Workout!

We have all been to a fitness gym to shred some weight or just to be more fit, but it is not that much fun. This giantess goes to a gym, which offers quite a new exercise – crushing little people. It requires more strength than you think and it’s really useful.   Just see […]

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hursdays Video – The Most Irresistible Women!

Here’s a surprise for you, guys! Another collection of the sexiest and most irresistible women! The fact that they are soo huge contributes to their attractiveness. I doubt that there is a single man who would resist them. Honestly, I wouldn’t resist them either.  

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I Love My Toys!

When I was a little girl I just loved to play with my dolls. The thing I liked most about it was that I ruled their lives.   Apparently, this giantess has the same affection as me. The only difference is that she’s playing with living humans. But actually it’s much funnier that way. The […]

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What Happened?!

This is what I call an embarrassing experience! These two giantesses went shopping in the nearest mall. Everyone there knew them so they were surrounded by familiar faces.   And just out of a sudden they shrank. Their old clothes didn’t fit them anymore and everyone could see all their intimate parts. What a shame! […]

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