You Never Know Who Is Watching

The world can be a dangerous place for a tiny man but the main danger is a giantess as she doesn’t always crush him under various part of her body. Sometimes a much bigger giantess will take an interest in what the woman is doing and stay to watch . When this giantess had captured her tiny man she decided not to crush him instead she found torturing him more fun but little did she know she was being watched. While the giantess was torturing the tiny man a much bigger giantess had come to town. The giantess was looking for a bit of fun. Just then she came across a building and when the she looked inside one of the windows she could see a tiny woman torturing a much smaller man. The more the larger giantess watched the more she started to take and interest in what the tiny woman was doing. After a while of watching the giantess decided to go and capture a tiny person for herself.

116497 - city feet giantess high_heels poser shrunken_man shrunken_men tontoblackadder window

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2 Responses to You Never Know Who Is Watching

  1. Herman says:

    Wow! Generally I prefer collages to 3d but this is inspired! Did you make it? One of those retractable clicky pens would be interesting. Perhaps she’s working her way up?

  2. gggiantess says:

    hey, i would like to be catch like that by a buisness woman. She would play a little with me and then she woul give herself a lot pleasure with my body … hummm what do you think about that?…..

    message from France…

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