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Let’s Look In Here Shall We

Before a giantess completely destroys a build her likes to have a sneak peek inside to see what is inside. If there is a tiny person inside she will grab them but if there is nothing of interest inside she will move on and continue to inspect the building until she has found something of […]

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You Think They Can Save You

When looking out of the window a person expects to see the streets bellow but to the surprise of these three men a giantess had come to town and was standing in front of their window. When they looked again the men noticed that the giantess had captured another man and was holding him between […]

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You Never Know Who Is Watching

The world can be a dangerous place for a tiny man but the main danger is a giantess as she doesn’t always crush him under various part of her body. Sometimes a much bigger giantess will take an interest in what the woman is doing and stay to watch . When this giantess had captured […]

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