Yoga With A Tiny Man

Not all giantesses are bad some giantess only want a bit of help with things that she is too big to do by herself. This giantess had just done a workout and she wanted to relax with some yoga but doing yoga  on her own was a bit boring and un-relaxing so before she did her yoga session she thought she would find a tiny man she could spend time with and would help her relax as she found yoga more relaxing if she was doing it with a tiny man. The giantess didn’t have to wait long before a tiny man can wandering by and before the tiny man could react the giantess took the opportunity to catch the tiny man and use him to help her with her get more relaxed. With the tiny man in her hands she could finally begin her relaxation and with the tiny man with her she is going to be for relaxed then ever before.


160350 - aileron barefoot blonde giantess handheld poser short_hair yoga

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