Who Will Be The Winner?

We have always considered that the strongest woman on Earth is Wonder Woman. But is that completely true?

Some recent events prove this statement to be wrong. Apparently there’s even a more powerful woman existing. It’s a giantess. Her size is Number One reason to believe that.

It you are not convinced yet, look at the battle between Wonder Woman and the Giantess. It’s obvious who will win…


Credit to Giantess-7of9

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  1. X23 says:

    Wonder Woman. All she has to to is grab the heel, and throw twist it forward a little, as Giganta is off balance and voila, Giganta goes flying forward. Giganta may have a strength advantage, but strength is only one of the strategies that WW relies on, She also has skill and cunning. The giantess does not even stand A chance.

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