Who Knew This Could Be So Much Fun

When a giantess with an intent to destroy finds a city that she really doesn’t like she will waste no time in destroying it. The tiny people know that they are powerless to stop her but every so often they will try and stop her using things planes, tanks or even hand held guns but every time the giantess will just shrug it off and carry on destroying the city. The tiny people in this city were getting tired of these constant giantess attack so the next time a giantess came to attack their city they would try to defend their city using all the weapons they had. They didn’t have to wait long as just as they were ready a giantess had arrived in the city but this time the tiny people were ready for her as they prepared to battle the giantess. The tiny people didn’t stand much of a chance as by the time she reached the inner city she had already destroyed most of their defences and was now busy having fun destroying anything she could find.

160910 - bikinis blonde breasts city cleavage collage destruction falling giantess handheld helicopter larissa_reis muscles skyscrapers small_man smoke upward_angle wiouag1

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