Where Are You Little Man?

Every giantess knows that when looking for a tiny man she needs to think creatively because a tiny man could be hiding anywhere and when it comes to hiding a tiny man has an huge advantage over a giantess. This giantess had spotted a tiny man and decided she wanted him but spotting him is the easy part and the next task is to catch him but that is easier said then done and she knows that he has a lot of places to hide but the giantess is determined to find her prize even if she has to look inside every building or up root every tree in order to find him. The tiny man has chosen to hide behind a tree as he thinks that it would be the last place she will look but the giantess is coming closer and he needed to think of what to do if she finds him.

151734 - drawing giantess hands_and_knees hiding looking_at_victim manzi searching shrunken_man tree

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