What Are You Doing Back There

When ever a giantess is trying to have a great time she will notice that a tiny man would come and interupt her. Some tiny men will come up to her unnoticed but others will try to make their presence known even if it means getting crushed in the process. This giantess was having a great time relaxing on the beach when all of a sudden she felt something move on the soles of her feet. The giantess tried to ignore it but sh couldn’t and she was so eager to see what was tickling her feet. When she turned around she had noticed a tiny man had sat himself on the soles of her feet and was trying to get himself more comfortable. The tiny man didn’t know that he was sitting on the feet of a giantess and she could crush him without any effort if she wanted to. Since the tiny man wasn’t bothering her much she decided against alerting him to her presence and therefore scaring the tiny man away.


163681 - barefoot beach bikuta black_hair butt_crack drawing giantess large_breasts outdoors swimsuit

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