Watching And Waiting

It is always  scary when a giantess visits as you never know what she will do once she arrives. It was just an ordinary day as you go about your daily life as normal. Suddenly you feel a small earthquake in the ground and the next thing you see is a giantess just standing there. Your body is telling you to run but you are so scared you are unable to move. When the giantess looks your way you begin to run hoping that she doesn’t see you but little do you know is that she has already seen you but is choosing not to chase you well not yet at least. While running you look back and see that the giantess hasn’t moved. What you don’t know is that she is waiting for you to get tired  and when you do finally do lose energy and get tired the giantess can make her move and before you know it you are in the hands of the giantess.


159327 - between_buildings city darkangle989 giantess poser sky skyscrapers tiny-mk upward_angle

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