Watch Your Step

Even tiny person knows that they can’t get too close to a giantess as a she doesn’t always watch where she step and sometimes can crush a tiny person under her foot or any other part of her body if they get to close no mater how much they want to see the giantess. When this giantess came to town some tiny people knew to get as far away from her as possible to avoid getting crushed under her powerful feet but some tiny people knew better and tried to get closer to her. A the giantess made her way through the city she was unaware that she was crushing tiny people with each step she took. As she got closer to the centre of the city she decided to check the condition of her feet and see if she had stepped in anything. When she saw that the soles of her feet where black she decided to find something in the city she could use the clean them.

165879 - barefoot brunette cars city clothed collage giantess lilly_allen shore_hair sky skyscrapers storm_clouds underfoot zigi550



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