Watch Where You Sit

Sometimes it is always wise for a girl to check her seat before she sits down as there maybe tiny men on her seat either because they are checking where they think they can be cleaver and get a closer look of a girls butt. Having only just been shrunk this tiny man had no idea where he was so he went off to see if he could find out where he was. He had only gone a short distance when he saw a chair which was the perfect thing he could use  as it was nice and tall so wasting no time he started climbing to the seat of the chair. Once he got to the top he saw a dark shadow loomed over the top of him. The shadow belonged to a girl who  just about to sit down on her chair. The tiny man tried to scream for help but his voice wasn’t loud enough for her to hear him so she sat on him. After a while she felt something under her butt so she got up too see what is was but there was nothing on her chair. The tiny man had gotten himself stuck on her butt and once she peeled him off he tried to explain what happened but that she had gotten the wrong idea and the next thing the tiny man knew he was back on her butt as she sat back down.

156503 - anime butt butt_crush clothed giantess looking_back pantes shrunken_man skirt thigh_highs

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