Warehouse Confinement

Warehouse_confinement_by_AllogaganThis giantess was taken to a large warehouse for some experiments.

Evil tiny people wanted her to try a new medicine on her. It’s strange how they caught her, isn’t it?

An army of about 100 tiny people was hired to do that. They used ropes in order to tie her and drag her to the warehouse. She was so miserable. She couldn’t believe that they could do whatever they want with her.

But one day, while she was thinking of how to escape, a kind tiny man came near her.  He wanted to help her. I wonder how he’ll do that…

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  1. Disthron says:

    Hmm… I thought she would have hidden in there because she grew all of a sudden. Maybe wait until night fall to escape to the country. Afraid that she won’t fit in anywhere any more. Maybe this guy has found her and wants to help her.

    Anyway, not sure if you’d be interested in the couple of comics I’ve done. You can find them here, there free but you do need to register in order to see them because of the content.

  2. Admin says:

    Hi, that’s a great side story. Can I use it too? I was able ot see one of your comics which looked great! But I am having problems seeing the other one. Maybe you can send it to giantessgallery (at) gmail.com and i’d be happy to use it if you would allow.

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