Video Thursday – Giants And The City

This video on youtube shows a man getting ready to meet his date. He is excited about his date as she claims she is a giantess. He makes his way to the ice cream shop still thinking if this girl who she says he is. After a few minutes of waiting a giantess appears and takes the man by surprise. After he calms down the giantess tells him that she is his date. The tiny man then stares at his giant date in disbelief  as she comes down to have a closer look at her date. She then steps over the cafe so she can get a better look at him being very careful she steps over the cafe and kneels down to talk to the little man. The rest of the tiny people are scared as they think she is there to crush them but she justs wants to talk to her date. The giantess then blows a kiss to her date which knocks him off his feet which she finds funny. The giantess thinks that will enjoy her date just as much as he will.

You can watch this video here Giantess and the City – Danny’s travels – PART ONE.

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