Video Thursday – Unaware Survival

This video on youtube shows a giantess coming home after going out. Not looking where she was going the giantess suddenly steps on a tiny man but when she checks her shoe she the thinks she stepped on a bug and thinks nothing of it. The giantess then goes in the kitchen to get the remains of the tiny man off her shoe. The giantess decides to relax with a good book but somehow a tiny man had fallen from nowhere and landed on top her knee. Like the first tiny man she doesn’t see him and the poor tiny man ends up crushed under the legs of the giantess as she crossed them. After she had finished reading  the giantess becomes hungry so she decides to make herself a sandwich but as she was making her sandwich she had put a tiny man in her sandwich and without knowing  she had eaten him along with her sandwich. As the giantess began to watch the television a group of tiny people began to play on her feet and fortunately for them she had not seen or felt them as they continued to play on her bare feet.

You can watch this video here Unaware Survival

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