Video Thursday – Shuffle Memories

This video on youtube shows a girl looking for her friend when all of a sudden she is encountered with a flash of bright light. When the woman wakes up she finds that the light has gone and in it’s place are a group of people.One of the people ask her if she is all right and offers to help her up and when she asks the man where she is he tells her that she had shrunk when she had come into contact with the white light. After the tiny man has explained what had happen he goes to higher ground to see were the group is. When he gets to the top he noticed a giantess heading his way. The tiny man tried to get her attention by jumping towards her. The tiny man manages to land between her breasts but because she is moving so much it becomes harder for him to get stable. At first the giantess thinks he is a bug but on closer inspection she finds out that he is a tiny man who tries to warn her about the light but by the time she sees the light she is too late and the light shrinks her too.

You can watch this video here Shuffle! Memories – Shrinking / Giantess [HD]

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