Video Thursday – One Piece Giantess Growth

This video on youtube shows a woman having an  argument with her friends. In the middle of the argument the woman begins to grow into a giantess. All her friends can do is watch as she continues to grow. When the giantess finally stops growing her friends look up at her as she towers over them all. The giantess looks down at them and as she does she lifts her foot  and slams it down on top of the tiny people bellow. The tiny people only just manage to avoid her foot as she continues to attack them. One of the tiny en tries to talk to her but she doesn’t listen  to him and focuses her attacks on the tiny man himself . Summoning all the strength he can the tiny man manages to lift th giantess off the floor and toss her into the sea forcing a second tiny man to jump in after her.

You can watch this video here One Piece – Giantess Growth.

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