Video Thursday – Giantess Tinies Work Out

This video on youtube shows a giantess and a tiny man. The giantess has just ordered the tiny man to get stronger by working out. The tiny man start by doing push ups  much the the giantess’s amusement. At first the giantess finds if amusing that the tiny man is working out as he knows that she likes her tiny men to be stronger and fit but after a while the giantess starts to get board and to spice things up a bit she starts to put pressure on the tiny man. The giantess starts by putting one foot on his back but she still feels that his work out is too easy for him so she puts both of her feet on his back. The tiny man begins to feel the pressure as eventually he collapses from tiredness and this causes the giantess t get off him. When the tiny man gets up he can finally take on the giantess but she just traps his head between his legs.

You can watch this video here Giantess Tinies work out.

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