Video Thursday – Giantess Teleporter

This video on youtube shows a scientist testing out a new invention on another person. Before he turns on the machine  the scientist explains to the man inside what is about to happen. When the machine is turn on the man inside blacks-out. When the man wakes up he explore the place where he sent to but he wasn’t aware that he had teleported to the foot of a sleeping giantess. The giantess had felt the tiny man at the bottom of her foot and angled her foot so the tiny man would fall off.  The giantess had rolled over but the tiny man could only see her foot coming down toward him but luckily he was teleported back to the lab just before she could crush him. As the man was about the exit the teleporter it malfunctioned and sent him back to the giantess again but this time he wasn’t so lucky and the giantess crushed him under her foot. Back at the lab the scientist wanted to test it on himself to make sure it worked properly. The machine had teleported him to the same giantess as the other man but this time she was standing up and was wide awake. The scientist tried to get away in time but because of his small size he couldn’t run fast enough and he got crushed under the foot of the giantess.

You can watch this video here Giantess Teleporter

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