Video Thursday – Giantess Standing On The Shoulders Of Giantess

This video on youtube shows a man waking up only to find he is in an arena with a two giantesses. One of the giantess is much bigger then the other as they both look down at the tiny man at their feet. The first giantess steps into the ring to confront the tiny man but it isn’t much of a battle as the giantess has a major size advantage against the tiny man. The bigger giantess sits and watches the smaller giantess humiliate the tiny man. After a while the smaller giantess starts to get board and leaves the arena leaving the much large giantess to take her place. The tiny man is no match for the mega giantess as she simply pins him under her foot and starts to play with him under her foot. Not wanting to be left out the smaller giantess begins to grow and joins her friend in torturing the tiny man.

You can watch this video here GIANTESS standing on the shoulders of Giantess

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