Video Thursday – Giantess Kung Fu Girl

This video on youtube shows a giantess training on a mountain. After a few hours of training she finds a tiny man and take him with her. When the tiny man wakes up he finds himself strapped to a wooden board facing the foot of the giantess. The giantess begins taunts the tiny man by waving her foot in front of his face making him think that she is going to kick him. The giantess then becomes tired of taunting the tiny man and begins kicking and punching  him in his head and upper body. After a few punched she manages to break the tiny man free and to stop him from getting away she steps on his lower body and begins dragging him across the floor under her feet. Once the giantess has had her fun she lifts her foot and peels the man off the soles of her feet. Once the giantess is done playing  with him she crushes him using her hand and to properly finish him off she crushes him under her foot.

You can watch this video here Giantess Kung Fu Girl.

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