Video Thursday – Giantess Fun

This video on youtube shows a shrunken man trapped in a house when all of a sudden he realises he is standing in front of the feet of a giantess at first the tiny many is confused as he begins to figure out what to do. Meanwhile a second giantess comes across a shrunken village. Not wanting the village in her house she begins to crush it but the buildings prove to be a little difficult to crush so to make sure she does crush the tiny houses she decides to use a bit more force and it worked as  after stepping on the house a few times she manages to crush the tiny buildings under her foot. Once she had crushed the small village the giantess orders a tiny man to clean the floor but unfortunately he doesn’t do a good job and to punish him the giantess steps on him crushing in instantly. When she had clean him up she decides to play a little game with another tiny man using only her feet but the tiny man has a tiny gun and begins to shoots her.

You can watch this video here Giantess Fun.

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