Video Thursday – Giantess Breath

This video on youtube shows a man relaxing in a bar when all of a sudden a green bubble comes down and traps him inside. The next thing he knows he had been transported in the presences of a giantess. At first the giantess just stands there trying to figure out how to get the tiny man out of the bubble. When she figures out how to get him out she comes up to the tiny man and finally lifts the bubble up and freeing the tiny man from his prison. Once he is free she becomes really happy and starts to sit on him making sure he  is such firmly to her butt and then she crushes him under her butt again to make sure he comes unstuck. When the giantess is happy she has suffered enough she start to grow and when she breaths through her nose she breaths in the tiny man.

You can watch this video here Giantess Breath

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