Video Thursday – Giantess Battle

This video on youtube shows a girl looking for a way out of a building. When she gets out she begins to grow until  she is as big as the city. When she stops growing the giantess takes her frustration out on a building. In the middle of her destruction another giantess appears. The giantess stops what she was doing and turned to face the other giantess. The giantess wanted to start a fight but the other giantess had knocked her down on her back and with the giantess down the red haired giantess kept stomping on her. The red haired giantess looked like she had the upper hand but  the giantess had grabbed her foot and knocked her down. Meanwhile a tiny man had seen the two giantesses fight. As the giantesses continued fighting they began to grow until they where so big they could be seen from space.


You can watch this video here Giantess Battle.

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