Video Mondays – Giantess Sitting Where I Want To Sit

This video on youtube shows a man relaxing in the sun and because he was so relaxed he had suddenly fallen asleep. A short time later a giantess was heading towards him. The giantess suddenly stopped next to him and waited for the tiny man to wake up the giantess didn’t have to wait long however as the tiny man woke up. No sooner as he saw the giantess the tiny man tried to run but the giantess was too quick as she pined him down under her foot before he had a chance to get up. The giantess told him that he was in the place where she wanted to sit but instead of waiting for him to move she sat on him  and moved him under her butt. The giantess was having fun with the tiny man under her butt and when she finally got up se didn’t notice that the tiny man was stuck to her butt. The giantess did think about moving on but she decided not to as she had a feeling that he was stuck on her butt when she didn’t see him on the ground so she sat back down crushing the tiny man under her butt.

You can watch this video here Giantess Sitting Where I Want To Sit.

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