Video Monday – Mahou Sensei Negima Gts. Scene

This video on youtube shows a group of people having a conversation when all of a sudden a giantess over hears them. At first the tiny people can’t see her but when they look up they see the giantess leaning on the roof of the building they are standing by. One tiny woman flies up to the giantess landing on her shoulder. This causes the giantess to sneeze causing the rest of the tiny people to fly away on a gust of wind cause by the sneeze. As the giantess makes her way towards the school the tiny people inside the school run out and try vey hard to stop her but it proves useless as she is simpily too big. When this giantess does make it to the school she starts to climb up the building sits on the roof. The tiny people try to think of a way to get her down until one tiny man decides to send her something to follow and hopefully it could lead her away from the school. When the tiny man sends a distraction the giantess sees it and then climbs down to try and catch it but she misses. Determined to catch it the giantess follows the distraction which leads her from the school and away from the city.

You can watch this video here Mahou sensei Negima Gts. scene

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