Video Monday – Kassandra Stepping On You

This video on youtube shows that you are tiny and you have  just entered a house looking to find some help but no sooner as you enter in you hear the footsteps of a girl heading your way. You want to run to get out of the way but you are too scared to move as you know that the giantess will catch up to you with without any effort. When she does catches up to you see the giantess has suddenly stopped and is now looking down at you. You hope that the giantess will help you but all your hopes are dashed when she hovers her foot over you and then you realise that she has no intention on helping you out. The giantess then lowers her foot down on you but to your surprise she doesn’t crush you at least not yet. After stepping you and taunting you a few times with her feet the giantess gets board of you and crushes you under her foot.

You can watch this video here Kassandra Stepping On You.

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