Video Monday – Giantess The Game Show

This video on youtube shows three men going about their daily lives when all of a sudden they vanish into thin air. The next thing they see is a giantess who then explains the rules of her game show to them. After she explains the game can begin. The objective for the three tiny men is to say alive as three giantesses try to crush them. The first giantess tries to crush them using her foot but they are in a protective bubble and after a few attempts she manages to  pop he bubble but doesn’t manage to crush the tiny men inside. A second giantess then tries the same thing but the tiny men just push up against her foot lifting it away from them. A third and giantess comes and has a try but this time she is even bigger then the host and once the host gives the green light to go the giantess manages to crush them using her foot. The tiny man try to push her foot away but this time it proves useless as the giantess manages to crush the tiny men and win the game.

You can watch this video here Giantess The game show

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