Video Monday – GIANTESS The Complex

This video on youtube shows a girl working in a room when all of a sudden she starts growing. When she finally stops she finds out that she is  bigger then the building she was working in. The giantess then notices a city and starts making her way towards it. When she finally gets to the city she notices that everyone had gone apart from two tiny men but because the giantess is so big she has to go in for a closer look so she can see them better. When she spots them she stands back up and prepares to crush them. The giantess then slams her foot down with so much force that it sends a few of the buildings up into the air. Having thought she had crushed the tiny men she shrinks the city even smaller. When she gets a closer look she notices that the two tiny men are still alive. This time the giantess is determined to crush the tiny men so she raises her foot over the city but then she stops as she had thought of something better to do to the tiny city. To make sure the city is no more she decides to jump on the city crushing the tiny men and sending the building flying as she lands.

You can watch this video here GIANTESS The Complex

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