Video Monday – Giantess Tenderiser

This video on youtube shows a man waking up only to find out that there is white everywhere. The white he can see is a box which stands in front of two giantesses. One of the giantesses then bends down to lift the box only to reveal the tiny man inside. The tiny man stares up at the giantess as she explains what is going to happen to him. She then steps on him and grinds him into  the plate he is standing on. The giantess then applies more pressure on the tiny man still grinding him. When she is done she lifts up her foot taking the tiny man with her. The giantess then moves her foot and the tiny man towards a second giantess who eats him. The two giantesses then repeat the same thing with another tiny man as he is eaten alive by the second giantess.

You can watch this video here  giantess tenderiser

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