Video Monday – Giantess Playtime 3

This video on youtube shows a news report about a giantess attack. In The middle of the report the giantess arrives in the city and walks behind the reporter doing the news report. At first she is explores the city making sure that everything is to her liking and then she starts to have her fun. While she exploring the city she steps on a few tiny people who was unfortunate to get her the way. She then starts to let the tiny people have their fun by exploring her feet while she picks them up one by one and eats them. Once she has finished with the tiny people she turns her attention on the buildings. She uses her foot to crush the smaller buildings but when she comes to the  bigger buildings she decides to have a little fun but before she destroys the buildings she starts to play with the tiny people living inside by doing things like eating them and putting them between her breasts once all the people have gone she starts to use different parts of her body to destroy the buildings and once she is happy the city is destroyed she moves on to the next city.

You can watch this video here   Giantess – Playtime 3

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  1. Nick says:

    I have this video. It’s pretty good, but there are only 2 POV scenes in it.

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