Video Monday – Giantess Car Crusher

This video on youtube shows a man going out for a drive when all of a sudden he notices a girl in the distance behind him. As the girl came closer the man noticed that she wasn’t a girl at all she was a giantess and she was getting closer. The tiny man tried to drive away as fast as he could but the giantess stopped his car using just the back of her foot. Once she was happy that the tiny man was stopped she could finally play with him using her feet. The giantess started by putting one of her feet on top of the tiny car and started to push it around the floor until the car because stuck to her foot. When the giantess lifted her foot she found that the car was stuck tight so she decided to use her hands to remove it and then she sat down. Once she was comfy she decided to slowly crush the car between her feet. The tiny man tried to climb out but he wasn’t fast enough and ended up being crush along with his car.

You can watch this video here GIANTESS Car Crusher

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