Video Monday – Genie Giantess

This video on youtube shows a man walking along the beach when all of a sudden he comes across a lamp that has been washed up on the shore. When the he rubs the lamp a giantess pops out. The man expected the giantess to grant him three wishes because he released her from the lamp but the giantess just laughs and orders him to massage her feet. While the gives he a foot massage her foot massage  he tries to run away thinking the giantess wouldn’t see him but unfortunately she catches him trying to run and to stop him from getting away she sat on him pinning him  under her butt. Once she was sure he couldn’t get away she picked him up and tasted him. The giantess found the tiny man to taste really good so wasting no time she lifted him up and dropped him in her mouth eating him alive.

You can watch this video here Genie Giantess

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