Video Monday – Capital Punishment

This video on youtube shows  a city just like any other when suddenly a giant foot came crashing down crushing a large part of the city. The foot in question belonged to a giantess who was only passing through enough. As the giantess walked she destroyed a large part of the city and with her being giant it didn’t take her long to travel from town to town. Before she got in the next city a news reporter had filmed her making her way towards the city and when she arrived in the  a few tiny people were trying to run away from her but unfortunately they where too slow and she crushed them one by one. Shortly after she crushed those people she began to grow crushing a few tiny men using her foot. The tiny people tried to fight back but this just wasted the giantess’s time and that made her anger so to make it quick she inhaled the tiny planes that attacked her. Once the tiny planes were destroyed the giantess carried n crushing what was left of the tiny city until there was nothing left.

You can watch this video here Capital Punishment

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  1. XS says:

    This is one of my favorite vids! Just discovered your site and am enjoying immensely 😛

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