Video Monday – Anime Giantess Unaware

This video on youtube shows a tiny man down as he wonders the streets. While  he walking he noticed two girls in the distance. The two girl are walking towards him and as they get closer he noticed the two girls are really giantesses. The two giantesses are so busy talking to each they don’t see the tiny man running towards them. The tiny man noticed that the girl were wearing skirts and tried to get a better look at them by running towards them but because thy don’t see him the giant girls just walk past him and while they are going past him one of the giantess steps on him and crushes him into the ground. fortunately the tiny man survives and  starts to run after they two giantesses but because they are so big compare to him he finds it hard to keep up and lets them get away.

You can watch is  video here Anime Giantess Unaware

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